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Your Kind Words
your kind words

Your Kind Words

We love to hear that our products are making a difference to your life, and we thank you for your kind letters.

The free home trial was very unique and we were able to ask all the questions we needed to make an informed decision on which chair was best for us. We were able to choose our fabrics and now the chair looks as if it was made for our living room. I have enjoyed many hours in my chair and am very grateful to Mobility Plus for bringing such comfort into our lives!

Mrs Lupton, West Yorkshire

A few years ago, I had a Mobility Plus walk-in shower installed, which has been great. So when I started considering getting a recliner chair, I knew that I could trust Mobility Plus and I knew from the quality of my walk-in shower, that the chair I chose will last me for years to come. The service has been outstanding both times I have dealt with them and as a family business they really care. There was never any doubt that Mobility Plus wouldn't let me down.

Mr Good, North Yorkshire

Sleeping in my new bed, is such a treat that I look forward to going to bed each night. It is my dream bed and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Mrs Hobson, Brighton

When aches and pains set in my back, I thought I would never get another good night’s sleep again. That was until I was recommended to Mobility Plus. When I sat down with the sales representative, I was impressed by his knowledge of various sleeping positions and I finally decided to go with The Victoria. I have honestly never slept so well and as the sales representative foresaw, the pains have subsided. I now feel a lot healthier and certainly a lot happier. Thank you Mobility Plus!

Mrs Whitehouse, Oxford