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Bed Accessories

Accessories - Mattresses

With our range of beds we also offer you an array of accessories and options to choose from. These are specially designed and perfectly suited to our range of beds.

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Headboards and Divan drawers


The mattresses that we offer are designed specifically for our beds they are of the highest quality available so that you only get the best. The Luxury Pocket Spring, The Reflex and The memory foam mattress. All of these are designed for the best night's rest possible and are available in various sizes.

Pocket Sprung mattress

The Luxury Pocket Sprung mattress

Designed for comfort and support, the pocket springs follow the contours of an adjustable bed. Upholstered in a matching cream damask fabric with brass ventilators and side handles for ease of lifting and turning. Our luxury 9" version also offers even more support and thickness for added comfort.

Reflex foam mattress

The Reflex foam mattress

Made from high quality foam, this mattress has been wonderfully finished with strong, two way stretching fabric. The reflex 8" mattress has an outstanding look and feel. The foam is available in various densities for different user weights to a relaxing night's sleep.

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress

This 8" mattress combines both reflex foam and memory foam, which remembers the contours of your body shape. This aids your posture throughout the night providing pressure relief - so it's the perfect mattress for the ultimate night's sleep.


Cool Max

The Coolmax optional extra cover for The Reflex foam or memory foam mattress draws heat out of the mattress to avoid overheating.