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Backstyles and mechanisms

Your style, your choice, your comfort

With our chair range you can truly personalise your chair to suit your exact specifications. Choose the size, mechanism, style, upholstery and any extras to truly make it your own.


Choice of back styles

Waterfall back


The Waterfall back is designed with three padded cushions. Each have their own zipped back to enable you to create a personalised confi guration to suit your own comfort.

Comfort back


The comfort back has extra cushions for support which can really help with lower back problems.



The wing back has the same features of the button back but with larger wings to create a back that looks neat and elegant.

Button back

Button back

The button back has a comfortable, fixed padded back bringing a classic look to any room.

Choice of mechanism

Wall hugger

Single motor mechanism that requires only 4-5" of clearance behind to recline.

Dual motor

Back and footrest are operated independently by separate motors.

2 Way Tilt-in-Space

Single or dual motor mechanism that maintains the angle of the back and seat when reclining and lifting.


2 way tilt, vertical lift and combination single or dual motor action for ease of transfer and carer contact.

Heavy duty

Single and dual motor mechanisms available for users up to 40 stone.


Three motor assembly to power footrest, back and lift on chairs for clients between 50 and 70 stone.